Activities to Teach Interjections in English

Step 1.  Write down “WOW”.  Split your students into teams and ask to write down as many synonyms to ‘wow’ as possible within 3 minutes. Ask teams to give synonyms one by one crossing out the ones that have been mentioned.  The team that gives the last synonym wins.

Possible options:

1. Great!

2. Super!

3. Good work!

4. That’s it!

5. That’s the way!

6. Terrific!

7. Sensational!

8. Excellent!

9. Perfect!

10. Wonderful!

11. Fine!

12. Outstanding!

13. Fantastic!

14. Tremendous!

15. That’s great!

16. Right on!

17. Superb!

18. Marvelous!

19. Way to go!

20. Awesome!

21. Brilliant!

22. Unbelievable!

23. Fabulous!

24. Phenomenal!

25. Incredible!

Step 2. Ask students to match interjections with their meanings. Hand-out 1.


Step 3. Tell students they are going to watch Purple and Brown. Ask students to write down the emotions/ feelings of Purple and Brown as they watch the video.

Step 4. Put students into small groups and ask to compare their lists. Ask students to give interjections corresponding to the emotions/feelings in their list.

Step 5. Show the video again but this time with no sound. Ask students to dub the video in pairs using the interjections from their list.

Have fun!

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