Eat Chocolate and Play Wicked Games

Ho ho ho, we’ve already seen and tried many Christmas activities for those who love a) decorating Christmas trees, b) redecorating Christmas trees; c) doing Christmas quizzes; d) making sweet Christmas dishes or just Christmas dishes; e) browsing through the history and traditions of Christmas; f) or geography (with further ‘hey, let’s write a letter to Santa” activity); g) or doing a wide array of Christmas activities with Christmas buzz words – tree, snow, skis, sled, snowman, skates, glove, scarf, icicle, etc.; h) or any other activity that relates to the ‘jingle bells’ time of the year; and i) ..and I’ve developed a wicked version of a Christmas party for my teenage students.

Step 1. Start the Party “Greetings from Granny O’Grimm”

Ask your students the following questions:

  • Have you been naughty or nice this year?
  • Do you know what happens to those who had at least ONE BAD THOUGHT this year?:)

Play Granny O’Grimm’s Christmas Greeting

Step 2. Chocolate for Confessions

You’ll need an assortment of small chocolate bars, or candies (of different types). Ideally, there should be MORE than enough candies for your students. Have each student choose a chocolate bar (or a candy) from a variety of chocolates/candies that are displayed on the table. Once they have chosen their favorite, put up the chart for what they should do for each chocolate bar/candy.

Chocolate Confession Chart

Chocolate [1…e.g. Milky Way= tell about an embarrassing experience this year

Chocolate [2] = share any funny or embarrassing experience that you had  this year

Chocolate [3] = tell about a fun experience this year

Chocolate [4] = tell about a wicked person you met this year

Chocolate [5] = tell about something new you learnt this year

Chocolate [6] = tell about a prank you watched or played on somebody

Chocolate [7] = tell about your wish that came true this year

Chocolate [8] = share any funny or embarrassing experience that you had  this year

Chocolate [9] = tell about your achievement this year

Chocolate [10] = share any funny or interesting experience that you had  this year

Give your students some time to eat their chocolates and think about their stories. When students are ready, say that now they will play the WHISPER CHALLENGE.

Step 3. Whisper Challenge

To explain the rules, show the following video with Andrew and Ashley playing the Whisper Challenge

Get feedback. Pair up or split your students into small teams of 3 persons in each and ask your students to wear headphones and listen to some music while the other student (or a story teller in the group) tells a story [in the ideal scenario, we need sound proof headphones, but if your students listen to some music on their phone, the effect will be the same]. The person/persons wearing headphones should try to understand what the other person is saying. Then when they think they understand, they take off the headphones and say what they think the story was about. Much laughter is guaranteed. This activity is a fun way to eat, share and bond.

If you want your party to go on, try this Christmas Quiz from Technologic.

Happy teaching and Merry Christmas!


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