“There’s never enough time to do all the nothing you want.”
— Calvin

So long, summer, we’ll miss you.

I hope you’ve all recharged your batteries, made unforgettable memories and are excited about your upcoming ‘new year’.

Here are my favorite activities to kick off the new academic year and transition back into the school environment and learning. Unlike the previous TOP 9 and TOP 9+1 and TOP 10 activities (see BACK TO SCHOOL ACTIVITIES), these are all Q&A activities that may be built around one set of so-how-was-your-summer questions.

One thing I tried this summer

One person I met this summer

One thing I learned this summer

One place I went to this summer

The person I spent the most time with this summer

The best/worst meal I ate this summer

Something I bought this summer

Something I made this summer

Something I lost this summer

The best word to describe this summer 

Back to School: 1 Set of Qs - 8 activities

Pass it on

Hand out a sheet of paper to each student. Ask them to write down one question. Get them to pass on the questions (and write down their answers) until everyone gets their initial question back. Have students present a summary of the answers.

Human Bingo

Ask students to make a grid (3×3 or 4×4). Students rotate their grids, and answer the questions, one by one, until all the grids have been filled in with answers. Students mingle as a whole class and ask each other the questions and cross out the square in the grid if the answer is the same.

Candy Confessions

Candy confessions is another sweet option for the Q&A session. Have each student choose a candy from a variety of candies/ chocolates. Once they have chosen their favorite, put up the chart with questions they should answer. As an alternative, replace candies with a set of dice.

Opinion Poll

Hand out questions (one per student) and ask students to approach as many students as possible within 7 minutes (set your time limit depending on the number of students) to get answers to their questions. When the time is up, ask students to present a brief summary of the answers given.

Find Someone Who

Get students to answer the questions. Then students mingle and try to find someone who has the same answers to one of their questions. They should write that person’s name on their sheet and go on to the next question with another person. A student can write a person’s name only once.

 'Summer starts with ...'

Place the questions around the room. Have students write their answers on post-it notes and add their post-it notes to the questions. Split students into small teams and ask them to choose any letter of the alphabet. Have students review the answers and write their catalogue poem where each line starts with ‘their’ letter.

Quiz, Quiz, Trade

Hand out a question to each student. Have students stand up, put their hands up and then pair up with someone else who has their hand up. Partner A quizzes. Partner B answers. Switch roles. Partners trade cards and raise their hands to find new partners. 

Board Game

Write questions on post-it notes, arrange them as a game field and play the game.

What’s your favorite activity? Please share in the comments below.

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