Following up on the fascinating post by Tekhnologic providing an interesting insight into the use of the PechaKucha presentation style in a low-tech classroom It’s Time for PechaKucha: Do it with Style, I’ve put together 7 ideas for PechaKucha style classroom activities*.

‘You don’t need a projector, an interactive board or a presentation screen, and you don’t even need a computer. You just need a style!’ 

If you are looking for ideas or topics for your students’ PechaKucha presentations or PechaKucha style activities, try our online PechaKucha Topic Generator.  

It can help generate some interesting ideas and select the one that is most relevant to your students. 

The Generator covers the following broad topics: Food, Travel, Places, Life, Jobs, Humour, Future, Hobbies, Pets, How-to and Numbers.

Have students note down the topics that seem interesting and pick the one they’d like to talk about. 

Please leave a comment if you have any other ideas or ways of doing a PechaKucha in the classroom!


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