Need to fit vocabulary revision into an hour?

Here’s a short post on how to use revision clocks to review any themed vocabulary your students have studied.  


A sheet of paper if you have limited classroom resources, or the Interactive Revision Clock if you have the resources to teach green (mobile devices or an interactive whiteboard. Steady Wi-Fi connection is not critical – you can view the Clock as an html file).    

revision clock


Have students draw a clock and lines coming out of the clock and go through their book or notes and write from 1 to 5 vocabulary items in each clock segment (or fill in the corresponding boxes in the Interactive Revision Clock). Then they should either follow the instructions for each segment (see our 12 5-Minute Vocabulary Revision Activities) or randomly pick the activities from the list. 

Note: If you plan to use it as a pairwork activity, limit the number of Clock segments to 6, with a follow-up discussion after each segment. 

Twelve Five-Minute Vocabulary Revision Activities

Click here to download the 12 5-Minute Vocabulary Revision Activities (pdf)

Which activity would you add to the list?

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