Have you ever used Question Charts or Q-Charts as a resource for your students’ learning?

Q-charts are excellent tools that can be used to practise speaking, writing, reading, and listening, and develop critical and creative thinking in your students. These are universal – they can be used for students at any level and in any context – English for general purposes, Business, IT, you name it.

Miguel Miguez from Onthesamepage ELT and I have made this short video, as part of our ELTcreatives project, to explain how we can use Q-charts in the classroom and share a digital version that incorporates AI to enable learner autonomy.

The first digital version we created was good, but we felt it could be strengthened by enabling learner autonomy. The updated version now features our friendly Language Teacher Assistant (LTA), an AI-powered chatbot designed to check students’ questions and generate exercises based on their mistakes. It is programmed to assist in reviewing their questions, providing support, and even offering explanations in their first language if students ask it to do so. 

Currently, we are testing it with various students, and its role is limited to the Q-Charts. However, we have plans to expand it.

If you have had the opportunity to try out the Q-Charts, we would greatly appreciate your feedback!

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