Where do you find role-plays for your students, and what are your sources of inspiration?

If you’re seeking fresh and engaging role-plays to add to your teaching repertoire or looking to jazz up the ones you already have, here’s an interesting tool for you to try.

I’ve created this Role-Play Generator to help you craft engaging language experiences for your learners. Please read How to Use the Generator below to make the most of it.

Role-Play Generator

How to Use the Generator

I’ve created this Role-Play Generator as a brainstorming tool to help language teachers come up with more ideas for role-plays suitable for learners in class. It’s easy to use – simply fill in the main details such as Learning ObjectivesTopicNumber of participants in the role-play, and the Level of students’ language proficiency.

The Twist section allows you to specify your particular preferences, such as the setting or location you’d prefer, specific features of characters (e.g., a clumsy shop assistant), or your students’ interests to make the role-play more relevant for them. Be creative to make your role-play unique. The more specific information you feed into the generator, the more interesting ideas you may get.

A word of caution: I’m often asked about the purpose of blogging nowadays when ideas can be generated in a blink. Yet, the role-plays you find on this (e.g., ‘O Romeo, Romeo, Wherefore Art Thou Romeo?‘) and other blogs are activities that have actually been put to the test in real classrooms. The accompanying posts offer insights and practical tips to help you effectively use role-plays in the classroom.

While AI can spit out some interesting ideas, it’s essential to exercise your judgment and figure out what may or may not work with your learners, and tweak and align these ideas with your learning outcomes and your learners’ interests.

Remember, AI is a game of chance. If the first option doesn’t seem suitable, run the generator several times until you find a gem idea!

Click here to open the Role-Play Generator.

If you give the Generator a try, I would greatly appreciate hearing your thoughts and feedback!

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