Hello, World. I am Lana (Svetlana) Kandybovich.

I am a teacher, teacher trainer, educational consultant, materials writer and project manager. I teach, train, facilitate, and do a million other things during the course of a day.

Why I started this blog:

One tribal culture of South Africa has developed the philosophy of ‘ubuntu’ – ‘I am because we are’.  It is described beautifully by the following story. ‘A researcher placed a basket of fruit by a tree, then challenged a bunch of children to race to the tree, and the winner would win the basket of fruit.  The children responded by holding hands then running to the tree together where they sat down and shared out the fruit.  The researcher asked the children why they had done this as the winner could have taken the fruit for themselves as the winner of the race, the children responded, ‘Ubuntu, how can one of us be happy if all the others are sad?’  I believe this ‘otherness’ is one important ‘ingredient’ of successful ‘togetherness’ in professional and personal development.

When we struggle to feed only ourselves, everyone goes hungry. When we generate knowledge and do not transfer it, it ceases to exist.

‘I am because we are’ – in unity is our knowledge, in sharing we trust. That’s my teacher’s ubuntu and the reason that outweighed my top five reasons out of 1,003,908 other reasons for not writing a blog (see here).


  1. Hi Svetlana.
    I look forward to taking a closer look around your blog. This ‘about’ page says a lot doesn’t it about how being united means everyone gets a share! Lovely.

    • Thank you, Kerri! I’m a newbie with vast 3-day experience in blogging so at the moment there’s not so much to see on my blog I’m afraid. Yet, it feels really good to learn with brilliant educators (learnYOURway:) sharing their stories and views here. Lana

  2. Dear Svetlana thanks for your blogs. I want to learn more english language and you have good ideas to learn english

  3. Dear Lana, I came across your blog and I have become a fan !! You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your lovely thoughts. Bless you.

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