Welcome to my AI Toolkit for ELT! Here, you can try a few AI-powered tools that I’ve created to help generate better and more personalised ideas aligned with learners’ needs and interests. I’ve made these tools based on my classroom and materials writing experience. Before you start using them, be sure to read a quick How-To guide to get the most out of each tool.

Have questions, suggestions or ideas? Do not hesitate to reach out!

five-minute activity generator

Five-Minute Activity Generator

Helps come up with quick activities for language learners, aligned with learners' interests

anti-quiz maker

Anti-Quiz Maker

Helps come up with personalised questions & discussion prompts, based on particular language material, making it easier for learners to connect with the language material meaningfully

role-play generator

Role-Play Generator

Helps create engaging role-plays, including scenarios and role-play cards, for language learners

scripted conversation generator

Scripted Conversation Generator

Helps create dialogues/scripted conversations for language learners

Prompts & Ideas for Language Teachers

If you’re looking to create your own tools or ideas for developing resources or activities for language students using AI, check out the following:

cover for chatbot building post

Chatbot DIY for Teachers

Tips and ideas on how to set a chatbot for language learners

Text Transformation

Prompts for generating and elaborating on input

Prompts for Language Teachers

LLM prompts for language teachers

language games to play with ChatGPT

Language Games to Play with ChatGPT

Prompts for language games

AI Art Generators

5 classroom activities for language learners

How to Write Prompts

How to Write Prompts: an Easy Guide for Teachers


Q-Smart: Sub-Questions

Tips and ideas on how to set a chatbot for language learners

Assessment and AI

Teacher's decision tree