Here are some of the best books that may come in handy for any new and seasoned English language teacher. The books can be purchased from Amazon and others. 

Teacher's Language Awareness

About Language: Tasks for Teachers of English by Scott Thornbury

‘What is it that a teacher needs to know about English in order to teach it effectively?’ The book develops teachers’ language awareness through a wide range of tasks, which involve them in analysing English to discover its underlying systems.

Learner English: A Teacher’s Guide to Interference and Other Problems (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

This is a practical reference guide to help teachers to predict and understand issues that people from various backgrounds will typically struggle with when learning English. 

Practical English Usage, 4th Edition Paperback with Online Access: Michael Swan’s guide to problems in English

The book explains all aspects of English grammar (Part 1) and vocabulary (Part 2) in great detail and includes sections on typical problems learners might face.

English Teaching Methodology & Practice

Learning Teaching 3rd Edition Digital Methodology Book Pack by Jim Scrivener

The book provides essential theory, practical teaching advice and classroom ideas and is ideal preparation for TKT and other entry-level teacher qualifications or as a handbook for any EFL/ESL teacher.

Learner English: A Teacher’s Guide to Interference and Other Problems (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

The book provides essential theory, practical teaching advice and classroom ideas and is ideal preparation for TKT and other entry-level teacher qualifications or as a handbook for any EFL/ESL teacher.

Penny Ur’s 100 Teaching Tips Pocket Editions: Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers 1st Edition
by Penny Ur

Tried and tested teaching tips for language teachers. This practical book, with its clear and accessible style, will be useful to many teachers, whether trainee, novice or experienced, in a variety of contexts.

The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox: Hundreds of Practical Ideas to Support Your Students by Larry Ferlazzo, Katie Hull Sypnieski

The ELL Teacher’s Toolbox provides hundreds of innovative and research-based instructional strategies you can use to support all levels of English Language Learners.

Teaching Grammar

Teaching English Grammar by Jim Scrivener

Teaching English Grammar is a very helpful resource for planning grammar lessons.

Grammar Practice Activities Paperback with CD-ROM: A Practical Guide for Teachers (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers)

The book contains a collection of imaginative and interesting grammar practice activities suitable for a wide range of levels and ages.

Grammar Games: Cognitive, Affective and Drama Activities for EFL Students Revised Edition
by Mario Rinvolucri

This is a resource book for teachers containing material for a wide variety of games which can be played in the English language classroom.

Teaching Vocabulary

How to Teach Vocabulary 1st Edition by Jeremy Harmer (Author), Scott Thornbury

The book offers practical advice on how to help students build vocabulary in new and effective ways and how to test students’ word knowledge.

Lexical Grammar: Activities for Teaching Chunks and Exploring Patterns (Cambridge Handbooks for Language Teachers) New Edition
by Leo Selivan

The book provides teachers with a large number of classroom suggestions and activities for making grammar teaching more lexical, and for making vocabulary practice more grammatical.

Games for Vocabulary Practice: Interactive Vocabulary Activities for all Levels (Cambridge Copy Collection) Spi Edition
by Felicity O’Dell, Katie Head

This is a resource book for teachers with a selection of more than 50 vocabulary games and activities for classroom use. All the activities are easily adaptable. 

Teaching Pronunciation

Sound Foundations by Adrian Underhill

The book is a useful resource to teach pronunciation courses or to improve the quality of your work on pronunciation as it comes up in the classroom.

Mark Hancock’s 50 Tips for Teaching Pronunciation

The book gives a broad overview of the practical issues and challenges involved in teaching pronunciation, and provides practical tips for teachers and addresses the questions of what to teach and how to teach it.

Teaching Speaking

How to Teach Speaking by Scott Thornbury

This book provides both structured activities to get students speaking and ideas for developing confidence in using English outside the classroom.

Discussions and More: Oral Fluency Practice in the Classroom by Penny Ur

The book is an invaluable resource for teachers who want to provide a varied range of successful speaking activities.

30 Role Plays for TEFL – Second Edition + Student Workbook App

The books includes role plays that cover a variety of situations and some tips on how to make the role plays work and how to design your own role plays for your students.

LET’S TALK ABOUT IT! – The Ultimate ELT Conversation Book+FREE audio

A new ELT book designed for teachers who want to get their students talking more and improve their fluency in English.

Teaching Writing

How to Teach Writing by Jeremy Harmer

This book describes a broad spread of writing tasks, simple and extended, to help teachers select those that will be most effective in developing their students’ writing skills

Writing Extra: A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities by Graham Palmer

A resource book of a range of motivating activities providing a meaningful context for real-world writing tasks such as writing e-mails, reports, letters, CVs and diaries. 

Fifty Ways to Practice Writing: Tips for ESL/EFL Students by Dorothy Zemach

Although the book is initially made for students, you can easily turn the tips into engaging writing activities to practise writing. 

Teaching Reading

A Short Course in Teaching Reading: Practical Techniques for Building Reading Power by Beatrice Mikulecky

This book combines reading theory with practical classroom application.

Reading Extra: A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities by Liz Driscoll

The book uses many authentic sources such as factual texts newspaper articles features and TV schedules, instruction manuals, stories, quizzes, emails and diary entries to practise reading.

Fifty Ways to Teach Reading: Tips for ESL/EFL Teachers by Shane Dixon

This book has 50 activities, games, techniques, and exercises to help you teach reading skills in an enjoyable way.

Teaching Listening

How to Teach Listening by JJ Wilson

The book provides a practical guide to the theory and the practice of teaching listening in the language classroom. 

Tips for Teaching Listening: A Practical Approach by Jack C. Richards, Anne Burns

The book covers listening processes, skills, text types, academic listening, course planning, and assessment.

Listening Extra Book and Audio CD Pack: A Resource Book of Multi-Level Skills Activities by Miles Craven

This book has a wide variety of activities, games, techniques, and exercises to help you teach listening skills in an enjoyable way.

Teaching Young Learners

Teaching Young learners English by Joan Kang Shin

The book presents foundational concepts, best practices and practical suggestions on how to develop lessons and activities for young learners.

Teaching Languages to Young Learners by Lynne Cameron

The book presents a theoretical fraemework and practical advice on how to teach and analyse and evaluate classroom activities, language use and language development.

500 Activities for the Primary Classroom Paperback by Carol Read

The book has a fantastic resource with a wide variety of activities for teaching English as a foreign language to kids.

Books for Learners

Advanced Level*

This grammar book is for advanced level students and has answers + the ebook. It provides a lot of examples and common mistakes and exercises. The book is ideal for exam preparation – CAE or IELTS. 

To speak natural English, you will need to spend some time studying collocations. The book is perfect for advanced learners for both self-study and preparing for language exams. 

The book provides explanations and practice of approximately 1,000 phrasal verbs for adavanced learners of English. Perfect for both self-study and classroom activities. 

This book will take you through the confident English speaking mindset and will show you how to speak with confidence every time you speak English.

*Please see the Resource Map on My English Domain to explore books for intermediate and beginner level learners. 

What books have helped you most in your English teaching career? If you have any favourites that I have not included here, let me know!