Five-Minute Activity Generator assists teachers in creating quick language activities for various purposes, such as skill practice, icebreakers, lesson transitions, coursebook supplements, or accommodating fast finishers. Need inspiration or more information? Please read our How-to Guide on making the most of the Generator.

How To Use the Generator

I’ve created this Generator to serve as a springboard for quick language activity ideas that can be further improved, made more creative, and used in the classroom. Like any AI-generated content for teaching and learning, the generated activities should be teacher-mediated. In other words, the Generator will assist you in generating ideas, but it’s up to you to transform these ideas into impactful activities for your students. 

  • Enter the number of activities you’d like to generate. I recommend starting small, perhaps with 2 or 3 activities.
  • Provide the details to generate activities that suit your context, including Skills (e.g., speaking, writing, etc.), Language focus (grammar or vocabulary), Topic (e.g., traveling), Proficiency level (e.g., pre-intermediate, advanced, etc.), and Students’ interests (e.g., TikTok videos). In most cases, the activities generated by the Generator should be quick, lasting about 5-15 minutes, and require minimal resources.
  • Choose the activity that appeals to you the most or mix and match multiple activities, then add your own creative touch to make them even better.

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